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About Us

BiiUp was designed in 2023 with one ambition: to revolutionize the way individuals interact with cars. We are pioneers in leveraging Augmented Reality (AR) technology to reimagine the car shopping and modification experience. Our passion for innovation fuels our drive to empower auto and tuning enthusiasts, allowing them to explore, customize and adopt vehicles in a highly immersive way from the comfort of their homes.


Enhance online customer experience in the automotive and modification sectors

At BiiUp, our mission is to improve customer experience in the automotive industry by seamlessly integrating AR and Artificial Intelligence technology. We are committed to enabling car and tuner dealers to increase sales by allowing them to present their inventory in stunning 3D detail, allowing customers to virtually interact with and personalize the vehicles of their dreams before making a purchase. We strive to be the catalyst that bridges the gap between imagination and reality by transforming the traditional car buying and modification process into an interactive, personalized journey.

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