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BiiUp Automobile and Tuning

Thanks to BiiUp's Augmented Reality (AR) technology, potential buyers can now explore every aspect of a vehicle online as if they were physically in front of them. Additionally, our AR-powered personalization features allow customers to visualize their dream car from the comfort of their home, making the purchasing process faster. The benefits of BiiUp for automotive and vehicle modification dealers are: 

For Automobile Dealers


Enhanced Customer Engagement: BiiUp allows potential buyers to virtually experience vehicles in 3D at home, fostering deeper engagement and emotional connection. This immersive experience increases the likelihood of a purchase by bridging the gap between online browsing and in-person showroom visits.


Customization Preview: It enables customers to visualize various customization options, from paint colors to interior features, enabling dealers to upsell personalized modifications efficiently.


Reduced Return Rates: By providing a realistic view of the vehicle before purchase, BiiUp decreases the likelihood of returns due to mismatched expectations. Customers have a better understanding of what they're buying, leading to higher satisfaction rates.


Streamlined Sales Process: With the ability to virtually try different configurations, customers arrive at the dealership more informed and ready to make a purchase. This streamlines the sales process and reduces the time spent on negotiations.


For Tuning Dealers


Immersive Customization Experience: Tuning enthusiasts can virtually try out various modifications on their vehicles through augmented reality. This allows them to visualize the outcome before making a purchase, boosting confidence in their decisions.


Increased Sales and Customer Satisfaction: Offering a 3D visualization of aftermarket parts on a customer's vehicle leads to higher conversion rates and happier customers. They can confidently invest in modifications that perfectly suit their tastes.


Market Expansion: BiiUp opens doors to a broader market by enabling remote customers to engage with and purchase tuning products. Geographical barriers no longer limit sales potential.


Innovative Marketing Tool: Tuning shops can utilize BiiUp as a marketing tool, showcasing their range of products and services in an interactive and engaging manner, attracting a wider audience.



First, enter your information in the contact section and we will contact you.

Starting the process

After reaching an agreement, we have received necessary information and the necessary photos, we will commence work.


Your products are ready to be displayed with Augmented Reality technology. Now you can satisfy your customers with your technology and quickly stand out from your competitors.

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