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BiiUp Auto Wheels

Thanks to BiiUp's AR technology, your customers can now visualize your vehicle rims on their vehicles in real time and in an extremely realistic way.  Augmented Reality technology, allows your customers to see exactly how the rims you sell will look on their vehicles before making a purchase. The benefits of BiiUp for automotive wheel dealers are:

Enhanced Customer Experience: AR allows customers to visualize how the rims will look on their vehicle before making a purchase. This immersive experience increases customer trust and satisfaction, potentially leading to increased sales.


Reduction of Returns and Exchanges: By allowing customers to virtually try the rims on their vehicles, BiiUp minimizes the possibility of purchasing rims that do not suit customers' preferences. This can save dealers time and money by significantly reducing return rates.


Competitive Advantage: Implementation of AR differentiates dealers from competitors by providing a cutting-edge, tech-savvy shopping experience. It positions dealerships as innovative and customer-focused in a rapidly developing market.


Market Growth of AR Technology: The market size of AR technology is constantly expanding across various industries. According to reports, the global AR market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years and reach billions of dollars. The fact that the automotive industry is one of the most important areas experiencing this growth indicates a strong opportunity for wheel dealers using AR technology such as BiiUp.


Adapting to Changing Consumer Behavior: Consumers are increasingly looking for interactive and immersive experiences when purchasing. AR is adapting to this trend by appealing to the preferences of modern consumers and potentially attracting a broader customer base.



First, enter your information in the contact section and we will contact you.

Starting the process

After reaching an agreement, we have received your rim information and the necessary photos, we will commence work.


Your products are ready to be displayed with Augmented Reality technology. Now you can satisfy your customers with your technology and quickly stand out from your competitors.

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